Obtaining a Divorce can be difficult if your spouse is intent on blocking and thwarting your every move. This course will show you how to choose your reasons for Divorce and then push it through despite all opposition.

Dealt with the right way, a Divorce is impossible to stop or delay for more than two weeks. This course contains full sample documents to cover any eventuality, and if you get stuck, you can always ask Simon to sort things out for you.

I am Simon Walland and I have created this course to show and explain how you can become a McKenzie Friend and assist people to go to court, and earn an income in the process if you wish to.

I have been a McKenzie Friend since 2003 and have been in thousands of hearings at all levels of court. I have a Law Degree and was Called to the Bar as a Barrister in 2010.

My experience includes teaching Law Students, McKenzie Friends and anybody representing themselves in the Courts since 2012. I have also provided specialist training courses to Domestic Abuse charities, Universities and various Support Groups

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