What will I learn?

When I started, I knew nothing about law or how to help people in the Family Court. Obviously, during the last 20 years, I have learned an enormous amount.

Firstly, when I went through my own child contact court case. I wish I had found someone like me. It would have saved me so much time and sleep!

I want to pass on my knowledge to others, and this course is everything that I wish I had known when I needed family law advice, and when I started off helping others.


Before learning to be a McKenzie friend, you need to understand what it means to work as one. There are few rules to learn, but there are many components to becoming a good McKenzie friend.

There are different types of Mckenzie Friend, some do children cases, some do Financial and some do both.

When I started I steered away from Financial Cases, but when I was 'pushed' into it, I found that I needn't have worried, it all follows a path just like all types of cases do.

Following the online section of the course you will be free to attend one of my face to face courses in London. They are a wonderful opportunity to learn all that you need to get started as a McKenzie Friend.

The courses are :

  • Children cases
  • Financial Cases
  • Position Statements (Half day)
  • Statements and Evidence (Half day)
  • Mock Final Hearing

Each of them will cover the basics (and more) of the elements you will need to learn in order to work as a McKenzie Friend.

The initial online section is all about working as a McKenzie friend. You will learn about what you can and cannot do in this role. You will discover why setting standards and boundaries with clients is important. We will also look at what will happen at the first meeting with a client. Finally, you will need to know how to prepare for a first hearing.

I have worked with several thousands of clients over the years, and know how to get the best results. Throughout your training I will be sharing those tips with you.

To supplement your training, I will also provide modules which you can study if you wish to, covering the majority of situations that you will find yourself in. These additional modules will provide you with a situation to resolve, which will be matched against how I resolved that situation. Everything from writing a Position Statement through to preparing cross examination. These modules will assist you to not only learn more, but in many ways 'shadow' me on real cases.

What is included?

This course comprises an online element covering the foundations of working as a McKenzie Friend.

You will then attend a face to face hearing in London where you will learn everything that your client needs to know to deal with either children or financial cases

You will also have the opportunity to attend a face to face course covering a Mock Final Hearing, including the preparation of the case, writing cross examination questions, presenting your case to a 'Judge' and receiving advice and guidance.

You can also purchase Mentoring Modules, which will effectively allow you to shadow my work on a real case.

There will be many extras to assist you in being the best McKenzie Friend that you can.


You will have free access to a face to face course in London to learn the fundamental aspects of dealing with a client in either children or financial cases. You will have access to further courses if you wish to expand your knowledge.

The aim of this McKenzie Friend Training Foundation Course is to help you to understand the requirements of being a McKenzlie friend and to be able to assist clients and feel confident in your abilities.


Follow me with a 'Client' and see how I deal with the various twists and turns in the fortune. You will be provided with updates and will be able to advise on the next steps to take, and gauge that advice against my own.

Mock Hearings

Pracise what you have learned by attending a mock hearing.

You will be expected to contrinute to the hearing and receive critique.

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