Podcasts by Simon Walland

Everyday Simon is asked for advice and guidance on a range of topics, and these podcasts will provide you with a good understanding of the way these issues are handled by the court.

Each Podcast is free to download for you to listen to in the car, on the train or anywhere you choose to.

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I came home from work and my wife/partner and children have disappeared.

We have agreed to separate but we still live in the same house which is uncomfortable. Should I move out?

I have just been served a Non-Molestation Order, what do I do?

My wife/partner has kicked me out, do I need to pay the mortgage?

My partner and I are separating and they have asked me to move out. What are my rights and what should I do?

What can I expect from the first financial hearing?

What should I say to CAFCASS when they call me next week?

Do I really need to attend mediation?

I want a divorce. What are my rights?

I want to make an application to see the children but I dont know where they are?

We had an agreement for me to see the children but she has told me to go to court and has stopped all contact